About Us

Maritime Somalia

Maritime Somalia, your gateway to the rich maritime heritage and opportunities that define our coastal nation. Explore the diverse marine ecosystems, discover the economic vitality of our waters, and learn about the ongoing efforts to ensure sustainable development and security. Join us in navigating the seas of history, commerce, and progress as we showcase the beauty and potential of Maritime Somalia.

At 3,300 km, Somalia has the longest coastline in mainland Africa. A coastline that is rich in natural resources and is strategically placed at the horn of Africa where the Indian Ocean and the Red sea meet.

Maritime Somalia is a non-governmental, non-partisan and non-political organisation devoted to promoting Somalia’s maritime interests.


Mission Statement

To promote Somalia's maritime sector

To increase maritime education in Somalia

To promote Somalia's maritime sector

Our Vision

World class ports

Integrated Maritime Management

Increased opportunities for coastal communities

A thriving sustainable fishing industry